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I assume you mean sliding doors....

The tailgate is another fuse.


Try the fuse box by the drivers seat in the cabin for the sliders.


Fuse appears to be second from left, bottom row.


10 Amp.


Fuse location should be marked GAUGE.


HOWEVER, this fuse also powers the Engine Computer, clearance and back sonors.


So if the engine starts, it isn't the fuse.


This info is from my English manual.

But it is not clear whether this is 4 cylinder or V6.


Hope this helps. Good luck.

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It's two different motor sides. so the wiring goes to two different fuse boxes.

There is on on the right side of the drivers buttons near the door. (behind the dash)


The other is in the passenger footwell near the bottom left of the door you remove a plastic cover to get at them.

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Monster is correct.


Looking at my manual again.


The passenger side in cabin, fuse for the power slide is fuse 15, 10 Amp.

It should be marked ECU IG.


It is the leftmost on the lower row.


It is also a mulitfunction fuse and protects the ABS, power slide door and cruise control.


The tail gate is fuse 7, 30 Amp and is in the same fuse box. Middle of top row.


I believe access to the fuse box needs you to remove the lower glove box, easy to do (with a video on you tube).


Best wishes and good luck.

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