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Vellfire twin sunroofs drain holes blocked..

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Hi, piece of information if your front sunroof ( the one that only lifts up 3/4".) Leaks slightly...

Had this happen this morning, it was closed during a heavy down pour overnight and the roof lining was slightly damp towards the front part of the sunroof aperture.

It took a couple of hours to find the best way to remove the glass sunroof and check the seals and ensure the drain holes were clear.

I discovered that these vellfires/Alphard designers are literally at the top of their game.

It would be easy to remove most of the front edge of the roof lining to find a way to remove the glass roof, remove the sunscreens, remove the interior lights and grab rails, it's not necessary !

The front edge of the roof lining that meets with the front edge of the sunroof has a velcro attachment ! Pull it gently and it will come away and reveal the 2 X 10mm nuts that holds the front edge of the glass sunroof in place.

Remove these and you can lift the glass front edge up to reveal the 2 front drain holes.

Mine had mister spider hiding in the left one, causing it to block and fill up, clear him out with a length of wire and put it all back.

Job done, took me 3 hrs, but with the above, its a 30 minute job.....




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finally unblocked my sunroof drain, had to remove the drivers visor, the grab handles on roof, A pillar and B pillar, the A pillar trim, the B pillar trim, and was then able to disconnect the hose via the spring clip.


Nice sun heated water poured out, no amount of feeding in a cable could unblock it.


In the end, I attached a car tyre inflater, and carefully applied several bursts of pressure until Voila, a pool of water started to appear under the car and the drain holes in the sill were cleared.


What a pain in the arse.



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On 10/20/2021 at 7:13 PM, Rojie said:


A remote heater, sounds very interesting.


 @Vellfire1please share the heater details and picture for sunroof drain unblock. Appreciate your post 👍🎌

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On 10/20/2021 at 6:27 PM, Vellfire1 said:

2009, will post a picture soon, have also added a remote heater if any ones interested..

Can you please share the details of remote heater? Thanks

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