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sliding door cable replaement


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Hi Ken, I have just replaced my passenger side door cable. You need to ascertain if it is the cable that's broken by looking at the cover under the rear side window at the bottom. I bought a cable for 329 from my local Toyota dealer and took me 4 hours to fit. look at a lot of YouTube videos like this .


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I did my R sliding door cable last weekend. It is easy to do but get the right tools, from what I remember 

10mm spanner or socket

JIS #2 screwdriver

T40 torx

T25 torx

get some panel removal tools, don’t use a knife or screwdriver! Get some spare panel clips too and zip ties.

take photos of it all as you undo/remove, this will help greatly in putting it all back.

take your time, do it well do it once.

Important: only remove the white plastic cable cover once you have passively fitted the cable reel to the spline.

Dab a little bit of fresh silicon grease to the splines.

fit the bottom (black) cable end first, then the upper/rear (grey) cable end last; try to keep a little bit of tension in the cable and ensure it stays tracked in the correct line. you will need the T40 torx to unhinge the upper cable hold, slot the cable clip in, then lever it back and secure with the same T40 bolt.

there is a small black plastic cover over the upper cable hold; you need to slide this forwards but it takes some effort. Put a cloth over it, put a socket extension bar on it to act as a drift, and then tap it with a rubber mallet. Repeat on reinstallation to make sure it is fitted properly.

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