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Alphard V55/5 registration

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My Alphard DBA-ANH10W is due to arrive in 2 weeks and I'm looking for guidance for filling out the V55/5 form.

I found oscar55 post on another forum and AFAIU I need to complete the following sections for a more than 10 years old car:


1. Top right hand box on the V55/5 - Japan.

2. Tick box RHD
3. Period of tax applied for - 6/12 months
4. Registration fee - tick box (currently £55), Tax payable - ???? enter amount in box.

6. Toyota
7. Alphard

8. Estate

9. Wheelplan (normally 2 axle rigid)
10. Colour
18. Number of seats - 7/8

30. Date from which tax is to run (todays date or 1st of next month)
31. Petrol

32. Vin no.
33. Engine no.
34. Cylinder capacity -
2362cc (2AZ 2.4L)
46. Date of original registration (will be on "Export certificate")
47. Same as 30

57. Partial postcode of purchaser

62. Name address etc.
63. DOB

64. State here "exempt as over ten years old"

65. Mileage details


Are there any other sections I need to fill in?

What is the current yearly Tax rate?





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Can someone please advise how can I get the correct co2 output in g/km for Alphard 2008 2.4L petrol engine? DVLA wants £265 road tax.

they say the co2 output is not shown on the original car "export certificate", i'm afraid i'm going to have some problem with the new ULEZ charges

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thats about right because it's an import the only way is to get an official report from a MOT station doing the co2 output and submit it to DVLA then get them to change the CO2 category. But that being said i've not had much luck with it because it's an import. different rules etc.

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The thing is that some Alphards do get the correct Tax band and some don't. I've read about "Certificate of Comformity" from japan is needed but I have no idea how to obtain it, Toyota GB and Toyota JP do not provide support for imports

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