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Third brake light bulb replacement

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Hi. I'm trying to replace the third brake light bulb in the spoiler of my 2003 model. I thought it would be easy by removing the top cover and the 2 screws but the actual lens will still not budge.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for your response. I've tried and tried but fear I'm going to break it. I'll give it another go though. Just to make sure yours is the same design, did you have to remove the cover plate and 2 screws on the top of the spoiler?

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yes thats right. I felt like they were going to break but it didn't. 


Otherwise removal the internal covering from the top of the boot and long needle nose pliers and unscrew the buld holder that way.

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Greetings, I should introduce myself first as a new member before diving in to a question before diving off never to be heard of again . My name is Gerry and living in Tokyo with one of these fine machines.  I hope to offer advice if possible when and where I may have the same experiences. However, I hope this thread is still active as I have stumbled upon it in search of advice myself.

I have the same model as Clive and pondering how to get the top cover plate off. I have tried using a thin screwdriver (gently ) but worried about scratching and damaging spoiler.

I’m not at the stage of even being near the bulb, still on the outside trying to (hack) in.



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okay so the bulb can be removed two ways. first is from inside the boot. 

Remove the boot liner at the top and try to unplug and remove. (i tried that first and ended up breaking the bulb. as it's a tight fit.


second is to go on top the boot outside and pop the cover off undo the two nuts under it then on the outside top put a smudger or flat screwdriver in and feel for the locking plastic in place and push the end of the screwdriver (handle) up so the other end pushes down then the unit will come free but might need a little push from where the nuts, bolts are.



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I've just had to do this job. I found this video helpful. I think it's extremely difficult to get the lens out without damaging the two little plastic tabs on the top side of the lens, but not sure if they're really that important.



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14 hours ago, Kevin Knibbs said:


I'm trying to replace the reversing bulb on my Alphard, do i have to remove all the rear door internal covers to get to it, does anyone know?



I replaced this bulb without removing all the panelling. In spite of being as careful as I could be I broke one of the small plastic lugs on the light. In my view these are not actually critical but that is for each to decide themselves. Please see the attached you tube videos. They do give a good idea of what you can expect and an honest evaluation of the problems for a DIY person.





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