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Has anyone used Jap auto agent??


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I bought my MZG 4WD from Algys, as I live not too far from their depot in Avonmouth.


You need to have patience as I agreed on the Alphard mid April and took delivery 31 August, the DVLA took almost 1 month to send me the registration document!


However it came in under budget thanks to a lower price at the Japaneses auction, so they passed this on to me.  I still got a very clean top spec vehicle for about £2500 under a dealer price.  It's a bit of a chance buying a Alphard like this, but they have a reputation to maintain, so they can't supply rubbish.


My advice:  go for the highest spec and lowest mileage, don't concern yourself about age.


I had a Bongo for 10 years, and I missed the luxury and comfort, the Alphard delivers all this and more.

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used pauls services in the past and found him to be very helpful, his agent in japan (sam) seems very knowledgeable and gave good advice. I found I was highlighting cars that I was interested in and he basically refused to put in bids as he felt they simply weren't good enough. overall I was very happy with service

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grey alcantara
52094 miles (83837 km's)
new belt and water pump
replacement mph dials
tow bar !!!!! hard to find
if you are interested, then i'll take some picks when it's not raining (which is most of the time in wales)

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Currently buying an alphard, test driven & deposit paid today ! From andys autos near norwich. Seems like a genuine nice guy, very helpful. Deals mainly in camper conversions. So far so good. Now waiting for v5 to be sorted, he says about 2 weeks to get a reg..... then begins my audio, camera (front & rear) and theatre sound issues when I change the unit !




Immaculate inside and out.

A bit more from my wallet than others I've seen, but it's only money !

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Hi All

Im looking to buy a 2003 hybrib through Algys Autos. Having read their contract it would seem Im liable for the costs of getting it through an MOT. Not sure if this is normal for an importer but it surprised me. I know brakes and suspension are common repairs needed. Any ideas of how much this might cost me as well as any other likely faults that might hit me in the purse strings?


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Honestly. It's normal.


Depending on the Alphy you want depends on how much work is involved. We had one which didn't need any work besides a full service (which we did ourselves) Algys normally provide full paper work including any remedial works that are needed.


Ask them for copies of the auction status of the vehicles i'm sure they will be happy to help.

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