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P1346 management light on


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Over the course of a few months I've fixed hybrid batteries blown cell 

I've changed both o2 sensors had steering rack brushes changed had new battery fitted still management light illuminated showing p1346 vvt issues changed camshaft sensor checked vvt solenoid cleaned vvt filter (nightmare)  still the dam management light illuminates once its reset and the engine runs it stays off once the ignition is switched off and the engine restarted 15- 20 seconds later the light illuminates again also changed engine oil and filter 

I'm in sunny Suffolk north east any one out there know of any local mechanics who could help


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The error code is "P1346 TOYOTA - Variable Valve Timing Sensor Bank 1 Range/Performance Problem"

I would suggest checking the wiring make sure the plugs are working.


"Variable Valve Timing (VVT) sensor (VVT signal) consist of a signal plate and pickup coil. The VVT signal plate has 1 tooth on its outer circumference and is mounted on the intake camshafts. When the camshafts rotate, the protrusion on the signal plate and the air gap on the pickup coil change, causing fluctuations in the magnetic field and generating an electromotive force in the pickup coil. The actual camshaft angle is detected by the VVT sensor and it provides feedback to the Engine Control Module (ECM) to control the intake valve timing in response to during condition

Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p1346_toyota.html#targetText=P1346%20Toyota%20Description,signal%20plate%20and%20pickup%20coil.&targetText=The%20actual%20camshaft%20angle%20is,in%20response%20to%20during%20condition."


Have a read and if you have a multimeter check the ohms/resistence to make sure its the same as the others inputs.

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I've unplugged both camshaft and crankshaft sensors while engine is running and both times the engine stops good sign the sensors are working unplugging the oil valve solenoid brings up a PC fault code straight away good sign this is working as I said earlier I managed to get the oil valve filter out and a good clean gause filter in good condition once cleaned dirty shitty oil leaked out left to drain . Looking at the rocker assemblies lots of varnishing on rockers and camshaft wondering if the vvt on end of camshaft is gummed up and not working that's my next task if it's not the problem ECU ?.....

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