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Hello, just placed a deposit on a fresh arrival from Japan, took it for a test drive today, loved it straight away. Went for the 2.4, 2006 .... 64k on the clock. My only concern is the onboard head unit being mostly in Japanese with gps useless. I'm told if I change it for an android unit I cant then use the cameras or theatre surround system.


Any info would be gratefully recieved.

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A few add-ons to buy, but it can be done, theatre surround, front and rear cameras, etc for an aftermarket android stereo !


I'm sure they're not cheap, but might as well have it all singing and dancing in english !

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I realised that the NHZT-w58 head unit in my 2009 3.5, is all-singing, all-dancing and well over £1,000 to replace like-for-like with one in English!


The DVD, CD, Radio, Hard Drive on the NHZT-w58 are simple to use - you quickly get to know which buttons swap between them.  The four Cameras are automatic, so that leaves only the TV and the SatNav as redundant.  I decided that, as I can manage with the easy changes between DVD, CD, Radio, Hard Drive, that all I needed is a DAB tuner for radio (I chose the Alpine one, solely because of it's superb reception via powered aerial - 49 quid) and a cheap, Chinese 7" or 9" GPS.  This is all not as nice as having it all in one unit, but... a huge cash saving.


Using Google Translate on your 'phone, select the 'camera' and translate the Japanese on the screen or in the handbook to English.  You'll soon get used to what does what on the simple buttons.  Forget the complicated ones, like sat nav, graphic equaliser, etc.!

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