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Gearbox issue on full throttle.

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2006 Alphard Auto 3.0L

Auto-box works fine in drive with one exception.

If you floor the accelerator the revs rise until they hit the rev-limiter but it never changes up. Let off the throttle slightly and it changes up.

To me this sounds wrong, but lacking an owner's manual I have no way to know if this is how they are.

Any thoughts?

Thanks In advance.

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its called the kickdown. do you have it in D or 3?


Kickdown will increase the rev's to the limit then change but if you've got it stuck in 3 then it cant go higher. because theres not gear to follow on from. 

If you have it in D then the kick down switch is not working and i suggest taking it to toyota to check out. as on full throttle it should still kick to the next gear.

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sussed it.


It had had a Kph to Mph converter chip fitted behind the instrument pack, incorrectly..

A few question to the owner - it only started doing it after the chip was fitted.


The gearbox was waiting for the vehicle to hit (say) 65Kph (Rpm red line in whatever gear), and it was doing 65Kph, but the speedo was reading 40 so it did  not change gear.

Correct the wiring to the converter chip & instruments, and all is now good

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