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So I am looking to buy a dashcam for my Vellfire 20 and have seen one with front and rear camera, however the rear camera is connected with a cable. What is the best route to run the cable. I was thinking of just going in the roof lining, but don't know how easy it is to get in there.


The second option would be to get two separate dashcams and run them independent. If I do that, is there a constant 12v supply in the tailgate that I could run it off?


I would rather have the first option if anybody has any idea's.

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I got a Viofo A129 Plus Duo front and rear. I mounted the front behind the mirror. Pushed the cable under the trim above the windscreen, then ran it along the driver’s side (being careful not to block the airbag) and along to the back. The Viofo cable is pretty thick but it just fits. My cam came with a trim tool which was definitely needed, since some of the trim is fitted flush and needs prying apart so you can push the cable in.


I had trouble finding a good position for the rear camera. In the end I mounted it near the bottom of the glass close to the driver’s side. Due to the curve of the glass there’s a small blind spot towards the passenger side, but not bad. My camera came with sticky cable clips and I used them to run the cable vertically down the boot next to the window to the camera. There’s a service panel on the driver’s rear pillar with enough space inside to stow excess cable so that you have just the right amount leading to the boot.


Harder is finding a power supply. I used a hardwire kit to permanently connect the front cam to a fuse box. Mine doesn’t have a 12V socket in the boot.

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I also picked up the Viofo A129 Plus Duo front and rear, what a coincidence. I have managed to fix the rear camera on the rear window at the top, directly in the middle. Then I ran the cable under the trim and through the rubber for the other cables. That was the hardest part. Then I went down the driver side behind the trim with the rear seatbelt, along the window trim, through the centre post, then in the door rubber. Then through the drivers door pillar and drivers door rubber, then threaded it behind the curtain airbag and along the windscreen. The excess cable went behind the drivers door pillar. 


The power cable went the opposite way from the camera, along the windscreen, down the passenger door pillar to the fuse box, where there was two 15amp fuse. One was continuous power (AC INV) and one was ignition (RR WIP), so I piggy backed on them. Trouble is that the cover does not fit, so that is having to be stored safe. The earth was easy as that just attached to the bolt for the trim.

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I bought a nextbase 322gw and ran the cabe along the passenger side door, along the trim and through the back, then pushed it through the gromet and installed it that way, took me 15 mins todo.

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The problem I had was getting the cable through the rubber tubing from the van to the tailgate. The connection was a bit big really, but got their in the end.


All I want now is some sort of shroud to cover the cables that run from the roof lining at the front, down to the camera. With having two of them its not in my liking. If I had a 3d Printer then I would make something like they have on new cars to hide the sensors.


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