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Insurance Cost Issues

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Hope some can help. I just ran through an online quote system for Insuring a Toyota Alphard and the price was resonable. Then I rang my current Insurer to see about changing my Insurance over and they said we don't have your specific vehicle in our underwriters database so we are unable to Insure you. I then said but you have quoted me on a comparison website at £366 alongside 25 other Insurers they replied but have you specified the actual Aplhard type ie MZ S Platinum, I replied NO as it didn't ask, all that came up on the comparison website was Toyota Alphard they then continued to say we can't Insure you.


Have any of you had this experience and where have you ended up getting your Inusrance from and at what price, I have 11 years no claims also 



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Adrian Flux quoted me a really silly price. £350 does not seem silly.


I find it surprising that the trim level would make much, if any, difference; although the MZ model is the top of the range.

There are only a few trim levels AS, AT, AX, MZ, MX, MS from memory; although it seems there are many optional extras within those trim levels.


If you go with Adrian Flux ensure you ask which company is the insurer, as AF is a broker.

The quote they gave me came from an unknown, to me, insurer.


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