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Getting Better Clearance for Our Alphard


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Hello Everyone.


We've just bought a 2004 Alphard we've called "Tim". We live in New Zealand & one of the things we do with Tim is get out into the backcountry for tramping & mountain biking.


This involves gravel roads with the occasional ford/ rocky sections & we've already run into problems with the front grounding out through fords.


I'm wondering the best solution for raising our clearance.


Here is a photo of Tim compared to my mates (raised) Delica D5:



We don't want anything that extreme, we probably only need a 1-2cm to make a difference.


Has anyone had any experience with raising an Alphard or increasing it's clearance?


Any advice is appreciated.


As an aside Tim uses 40% less petrol than my mates Delicia D5 - so I'm very happy we went for Alphard over Delicia!

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