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Tyre pressure on camper

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I agree with Monster S. 


However, it may be worth asking Wellhouse what the weight of their conversion is.


You don't say whether you have a rear or side conversion.


I will be removing my two rearmost seats to have a rear conversion.


I guess the original tyre pressures are calculated on the assumption there may be two person sitting in those seats (and the middle seats for that matter).

Most Alphards weigh two tonnes, or so.


What is the weight of two average weight Japanese passengers ???


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Hi TreforL,


I recall seeing a post on this forum stating 38-40psi generally, and when we bought from Wellhouse they suggested 38psi both front & rear for their side conversion. However, we did an LPG conversion after and added a towbar for bikes - so the weight distribution changed and we needed to re-calculate our tyre pressures. Ultimately, the pressure depends on tyre manufacturer and load for each axle (front and rear): see Martin1621 - Other Tyre Pressures




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I've just recently joined and trawling through various threads.

RE. tyre pressures on converted vans - I take the vehicle for a run of approx 20 miles on straight(ish) roads, stop and measure the tyre temperature across the tread, the palm of your hand is pretty sensitive. If the centre of the tyre is hotter than the sides then the pressure is too high and vice versa. I hope this helps

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