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Mains power on the move

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I have been trying to find the best way to power a low voltage microwave and small low voltage heater when I wild camp. 

Has anyone used Falcon Technology and their Off Grid Power Product?  Sold via Go Outdoors or direct. 

I would also be interested in any alternatives if people have experience of them. 


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Thanks Martylew,


I have the gas hob already but I’m not a great cook so I stick to the basics and still manage to make a mess 🥹


Any recommendations on a gas heater?  I don’t like the idea of diesel. 

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2 hours ago, Monksey said:

Sorry that was supposed to be 2000 + watts not 200 lol.


A 2kw load will kill your leisure battery extremely quickly.


With a 100Amp/ Hr leisure battery, your battery will last 36 minutes, FULLY discharged.

So the load is pulling 2000/12 Amps; nearly 170 Amps !

You need very good wiring for that !


I have read that discharging batteries beyond 50% is very harmful to the battery


As Martyn says, you are going to struggle to achieve your aims safely.


Try looking for a 200 watt solution.


12V micros exist but most micros (the magnetron) are quite inefficient so you will need to allow for that too.

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All inverters are power hungry and vary from 85% to 90% efficiency, e.g. 1000w inverter @ 85% will leave just 850w usable power. You can get micro waves that are rated at 750w but it will use 62.5 amps so the leisure battery will be flat beyond recovery with in 1hour.  You could use an inverter for a low wattage convector heater but you would need to recharge the leisure battery every day so you would need at least a 120w solar panel and hope that the sun shines enough or run the engine until the battery has recharged. Your best bet would be a leisure battery for lights and phone/laptop power and get a lpg powered heater. Some eople have done that and they usually site the heater under the passenger seat with an underslung lpg tank. https://lpgshop.co.uk/propex-hs2000-digital-thermostat-gas-heater-for-motorhomes/

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59 minutes ago, John Harrison said:

Quiet running ones!!!

Petrol or diesel power ?

Should do it, but not 2kw.


The key to your success is very low consumption appliances and, probably a twin leisure battery set up.


Good Luck



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2 hours ago, Tylersm90 said:

Thank you all for your advice and guidance.  I'll let you all know once I've decided how to proceed.


Just one other point, Nigel.


None of the above will improve your cooking skills !

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Has anyone used or had experience of the Screwfix, IMPAX or Hyundia range of generators.  Mine would probably be in use for about an hour at a time to power microwave, TV & Laptop (not all at the same time!).   The reviews on the Screwfix site seem a little mixed. 


Other suitcase generators seem a lot more expensive.  I assume you get what you pay for.


Silly question probably - but I assume you can plug these generators into the electric hook-up point on the van.


IMPAX IMDY1500LBI 1200W Inverter Generator 230V | Generators | Screwfix.com

P1 P1000i 1000W Portable Petrol Inverter Generator | Generator Pro (generator-pro.co.uk)

Excel Power XL2500i Petrol Generator | Hampshire Generators




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