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Okay so you hate having the "Fog light" switch you got from your installer in the UK. Those small ones are okay but stand out like a sore thumb.


Here's what you need and how to wire it up.

1. Remove the surround for your switches.

2. See which wire is the on to the light. (For instance mine was the one by itself at the bottom of the switch.


3. pull them all off the old switch and cut the connector off and use the scotch lock on the Blue/Red wire on the image below. (these plugs are tied back a bit so you need to free them up.)

4. cut the other wires off (I taped them up so no bare wires were showing.)

5. Click in the connector to the switch. Here's a couple of pictures and links you need.


Parts needed:

Fog light Switch

Scotch Locks

Stubby Pliers

Cable snips

Electrical tape


Time: 10 - 15 mins.

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