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Checking tyres before buying

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We bought our Alphard 2005 great vehicle. Tyres looked black and newish. But after buying I took it for a check up. The tyre were old and perished but still 

had a legal tread. We were advised to change as the tyres were structurally unsafe. Back to car importer who told us it was wear and tear. Yeh after 1 week of ownership and 25 mile of driving. Luckily we payed deposit by credit card to secure vehicle. Inform manager politely we would be contacting MasterCard. He agreed to replace all four tyres. Please look carefully and ask the manufacture date of tyres. Take photos before purchasing as some dealers swap wheels over before delivery. Also ask for speedo conversion before buying. Found out they use local garage to do this but only if customer ask. They won’t volunteer to do it. Just cos it’s still legal. It’s hard to judge correct speed. I know after being ticketed for 2 mph over limit. Our next project is the head unit. There is a lack of expert fitters in my area. Prices vary depending on the experience of the fitter. 

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Most jap tyres will crack once here something to do with humidity and tempretures.  Worth changing them unless they are brand new.

As for head units there are actually units that will just plug and play.

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Thank you. 

the tyres when checked 2004 brand. Well over ten years old. Dealer was great after doing his own check. 

talking with a few other Alphard owners locally. I was warned to be careful of the wiring. So I’m trying to get it done by a pro as I don’t want to waste money fusing something by doing it myself. 

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