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There has been some complaints recently about their work but overall they have high marks. I would check your work and take pictures before and after conversion. (that goes for all converters).

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Hi all, well we are now happy owners of our side conversion, pop top with the wider 120cm bed Alph.


We chose Calder Campers in Livingstone, and whilst nowhere near 'local' for us, we liked the way they did things. 

We went for the side conversion, as this suited our needs, and also went for the wider R&R bed (wasn't aware this was available and was offered by Calder), which again suited our needs.

We found our vehicle beginning of June - 05 3.0 V6 with low mileage and was spotless outside and inside.

We chose our interior fit out, colour, style, seat covers etc on our 2nd visit, which they 'preferred' we went in person to do. Looking back, this was very much the best option, as we changed our minds about 4 times lol. Angela was brilliant in helping us choose the final options, and have to say got it right.

It then took about 5 weeks to collection, and picked up end of August.


I am now going to be a little critical of them when it came to collection.......

I am fairly sure that before handover a proper PDI was not done, as the interior was 'grubby', the new front seats had stains on them, and the trim around the units had a couple of 'chips' in them. The curtains behind the passenger seat had holes in them (yes they were replaced immediately). The table leg literally came apart in my hand, as the screws barely pierced the table top (and were fixed with more substantial screws there and then)

In our opinion, quite major in terms of handover, and if were honest just took the edge of it.

The next major issue we encountered (but not till we got home), was the awning rail we paid to have added on.

We were told it was 2.6l, but was only 1.7, no use nor ornament, so we had to return to Livingstone to have it fitted to the correct length, which CANNOT be 260. 

The max we got was 2.2, better, but when youve already bought an awning with a 2.6l.....does make it a bit harder.

The rails themselves have to fit inside the pop top (which makes sense), and as the front of the vehicle slopes downwards, isn't able to take the rail.

Yes, they sorted it (and compensated me for my petrol) but again, left a taste.


In terms of the quality of the fit out though, we cannot fault them, it has been done very professionally, and the units are solid and look great.

The re-cover of the seats/R&R bed is also excellent, and cannot fault it.

From start to finish they have been helpful, gave great guidance on what we wanted/couldn't have, so no complaints there.

Also we have a 3 year Guarantee on both the fit out, and the vehicle, so some peace of mind there.


Would we recommend them, despite the issues mentioned - YES definately as the quality of the fit out is 1st class.



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I've just had mine converted by funky ram in Bristol (Avonmouth). They were brilliant. Took a bit longer than expected but supply issues and covid meant that was inevitable really.


Fit and finish are awesome, and it was a good chunk cheaper than most of the others. They're pretty new to Alphard conversions but I really can't find fault with the work. Upholstery in particular is amazing. Team are really helpful and friendly. Highly recommended.


I've got a full side conversion with pop top. 




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Another one is:

Company Name Vancon conversations
Email Address vanconconversions@yahoo.com
Address 1 Unit 2 bartlett park
Address 2 Milfield industrial estate
City Chard
State/Region Somerset

TA20 2BB


Van converters Chard | Vancon Conversions


They will convert our alphards and give a discount for referral.  Just say you were from the Alphard Club site.

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We had ours converted by Northstar conversions on the Isle of White. They will also pay your ferry fees. They can also supply the vehicle. We can't fault there workmanship and there service is first class. They have there a web site with lots of information and pictures of there work and vehicle's for sale/on route from Japan. You are also given a tour of the workshop, where you can see the work being carried out. The staff are friendly and willing to explain the work the are carrying out. We choose this company as they fit the wider 48" bed with the high back for safety. Sorry don't have a picture of the pop top they flitted.



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Northstar again, cannot fault the workmanship or service. We has a wee niggle with a couple of bits, they paid for the return ferry, fixed it all in a couple of hours, gave us a car to explore the island in while getting sorted. They were massively busy yesterday so unsure what wait times are currently, but well worth the wait!

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