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Buy & Sell Rules - Please read to avoid deletion of sale post

Alphard Club

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*** This post is being updated regularly***

Anyone can post a car or item for sale here. However, there are some rules that you need to adhere to.

Traders Listings

Before you add your cars for sale you have to make sure your listings contain the following information. Or your post will be removed.

1. Price Must be displayed with Listing - On the road price.
2. Auction Sheets (advised but not essential)
3. Mileage verification Bimta or Jevic checked. (advised but not essential)
4. Any Warranty
5. Clearly state Age, Mileage in KM's (or combined KM's and Miles )
6. Clearly state any damage or missing items
7. Business Address and phone or email added to the listing.

8. Photos
9. Full Description


Sorry, but these hoops must be met to help our members. We do not accept links to external sources unless you have met all the points above here.

Private Listings (if previously used in the UK)

You must state the following.

1. Price
2. Age, Mileage (km's or miles) and condition
3. Car history whilst in the UK. Any Japan history is advantageous to the sale
4. Damage or faults
5. Location
6. Photos
7. Full description
8. For your protection and us meeting GDPR requirement rulings, Please do not post full name and addresses here. Please use the forum messaging system or email address.


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Newby here.

I'm looking for an Alphard after 14 years of Estima ownership. My clan are growing and the Estima no longer has enough space for camping equipment. Superb vehicle though.


Shame there are no posts here. Perhaps people will begin using this thread when they see activity?

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