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3.0 V6. Does it have a timing chain or belt??

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a friend and I changed mine. If you are not confident under the bonnet then i would say get it done by a mechanic. Its a mornings job.


I do wonder how many people are driving around in a ticking time bomb, dealers will not tell you that it probably will need one at some point. Especially if they are over 10 years old and no record of it ever being done.


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Some Toyota Dealers will do this work for you (it's a Lexus engine after all).

But some are huffy about grey imports, and won't be interested.


My local (official) Toyota  dealer quoted around £600 (inc VAT) for New Cam Belt and water pump.

Not cheap, but genuine Toyota parts and a warranty.


Whilst I recognise the Alphard Club view above, as the cam belt won't last forever (and nor will a chain) so it will need to be changed at some point.

My Toyota dealer suggested they normally last at least 150km BUT should be replaced every 10 years; whatever the mileage.

This may, or may not, be true; but the 1MZ FE engine is a non interference engine.


What is a non interference engine ?


With an interference engine if the cam belt fails it is almost certain the piston will hit the valves, or vice versa (depending on your viewpoint).

This could result in minor damage to valves, and pistons, but is far more likely to result in MAJOR damage and expense.


With a non interference engine, assuming there are no 'dropped' valves, the pistons and valves will not come into contact. MAJOR relief.

A cam belt failure should not result in 'dropped' 'valves. Over revving abuse might !


If the cam belt fails, will you break down ? Yes.

Will you have a wrecked motor ? No.


Having said all this, there is no guarantee and cam belt replacement should be considered.


In many vehicles the cam belt won't fail, but the tensioner will, and it can be the same with timing chains.


Question. Are the timing chains on the 2.4 and 3.5 duplex or simplex ? Makes no difference if the tensioner fails but .....

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