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Alphard specs (a minefield?!)

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On 10/15/2020 at 8:53 PM, Kyle13 said:

Hi all, 


Can anyone point me to to a list of specs for the Alphard, such as the different models and variants please? I'd like to compare the different equipment levels etc...


Many thanks 

Same here! 😃

my 2003 3.0 V6 has arrived from the port and it has the “V” badge on the back. How does that differ to the “G”???


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You might be interested in this link which looks to be a copy of beautiful original Toyota 40 page japanese brochure on Alphards. http://www.toyota.co.jp/jpn/company/history/75years/vehicle_lineage/catalog/60000198/mobile/index.html   Ignore the floating page and use arrows or screen swipe to get to the brochure pages. On a computer, enlarging the page just gets a blurry enlargement, but somehow on an iPhone or even better an iPad, finger enlargement re-contacts the source and a progressively finer details results. One page file identifies the main specification for 2002-2008 Alphards. I have translated this page with Google Translate. This translation service is pathetic on the web page but the App on iPhone is out of this world. You just choose the input and output language and point the phone camera at text and it reiterates various possibilities until something makes sense. (Using the mike version allows you to speak in one language and hear a translation into another-I discovered this in Moscow during a high speed taxi ride. The driver didn't speak English and suddenly started concentrating on and fiddling with his phone which scared me to death. He then shouted at me in Russian and his phone said 'Don't worry, don't worry....). I was particularly interested in max allowable weight and have made a few early comments under the "weight" topic. It is clear from this chart that Toyota simply weighed the vehicle variant (vehicle weight) and then added 7 x 55kg or 8 x 55 kg  (7 or 8 persons) to arrive at the Gross Vehicle Weight (sometimes making a slight adjustment for theatre sound or twin sky roofs). (and sometimes calling this "kerb weight"). This is pretty ridiculous, because the base vehicle is the same and what I wanted was the Maximum Design Allowable Weight for my Alphard Hybrid to know  how much gear I can carry. The maximum weights on the chart are for a 3 L MZ 8-seater 1950 kg Vehicle Weight, 2390 kg gross vehicle. No info on hybrid weight unfortunately. However, separately I have found https://specs.cars-directory.net/toyota/alphard_hybrid/2.4_4WD_45436.html which identifies an 8 seater hybrid as having a vehicle weight of 2000 kg. And guess what the Gross vehicle weight is? Yes, 8 x 55 kg more at 2440 kg. My car arrives from japan in early February. So the first thing I will do is to weigh it as it stands - and then add 440kg to arrive at the Maximum Permissible Weight. LOL.


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