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A new to buying a Alphard questions...

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I’m new - single-parent pensioner with an autistic eight-year-old son. (No, I never ever dreamt I’d be doing this in my “retirement” but, it’s great!)

A campervan might be invaluable for us; I think it would create opportunities and solve problems. And I’m a Toyota fan! So, I’d like to ask some “newbies” dumb questions….
1)    Import and convert, OR buy converted from her dealer, OR buy a used vehicle?
2)    Which engine – 2.4, 2.4 hybrid OR 3.0? (I suspect I’ll be doing lots of miles.)
3)    Which year?
4)    What underseal/rust-proofing is really important?
5)    What are the most important add-ons – awning, toilet, fridge, heating (We might well use it even in early winter.) 
6)    What are the two most important questions I should ask a seller?

Thanks for your help. I hope we can return your ideas and information in the years to come.

Pete & Sam

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Hi Pete & Sam,


Welcome to the forum. I'll try and answer the questions direct and short.

1) If you import you get pot luck, but buying from a deal at least you can see it first and go through it.

2) 3.0 for a camper/conversion. As i found the 2.4's gutless uphill

3) does not matter which year. I found that the 3.0L on the 2002 - 2005 great it's a Lexus non interferance engine so if the cam belt goes your engine does not.

4) YES that's a must be done over in the country.

5) Toilet, fridge and heating.

6) has it had a new cambelt & when was the last service.

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