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Going for all-electric leisure system for 3l 2007

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We have a rear conversion 2008 3L, with a 12v Vitrifrigo fridge but for space and convenience have gone fully electric for cooking etc with a 240V AC induction hob and kettle and no gas. The solution we have come up with works v well. 

The kit we have designed and used consists of:

1.     Victron Orion Smart 30A 12V DC to DC charger with Bluetooth connectivity (non-isolated - as metal chassis negative). (in engine compartment) 

2.     *KS Energy 200Ah (KS-SB200B)12v leisure battery with Bluetooth Battery monitor to iPhone -includes charging, discharging, cell status, and temperature data (fits beneath drivers seat Size: (mm ±2) L*W*H 330*270*180)

3.     *Giandel 3Kw Pure Sine Wave inverter – has two 240VAC sockets (one used to link rear conversion), and two 5V USB sockets 

4.     Normal mains Sockets in rear conversion for both Inverter and external 240 AC

5.     Charging from a 150w solar panel on pop-up roof with solar controller unit concealed in conversion.

6.     External 240AC fused and 12V fused unit concealed in conversion 

7.     2  x 5v USB and 7 x 12v LED lights

8.     Cheap 1800W portable IKEA single induction hob that fits in cupboard slot beneath work top when not in use.


·      * Essential to fit high current capacity leads between battery to inverter nb Amps = Power /Volts so a 2Kw (240v) device running off the inverter will need 2000/12= 166A amp wiring at least to be safe, better 200A as we have. 


Our experience with this set up is over 18/12 and we have cooked etc satisfactorily with our lowest battery capacity down to 48%. The iPhone KS battery monitor allows us to keep an eye on this. As such we have managed three continuous days completely off-grid without problems, and I expect could do more. Dual induction hobs seem to offer insufficient heat for cooking steaks so we have stuck with this single hob v cheap set up and are happy with it, although we have also obtained a diffuser to go with this for other non-ferrous pans.  An electric kettle heated before using the hob works well. We have a 12v inset fridge set flush into the work top and a sink so that our worktop area remains a large flat useful work-surface/ bar. 

 I have also fitted a ‘battery maintainer’ to keep the ‘vehicle’ battery topped from the solar charged ‘leisure’ battery during down times and this has been a very useful addition. 

The inverter set up also allows use of tools and other AC equipment within reason whilst on a trip or where AC access is limited – super useful. I have a cheap 500W electric fan heater that plugs into an AC socket and hence needs no extra support this can be v useful for warming the vehicle in the mornings or evenings. 

I have also fitted a new XTRON headunit PSA60HGT and a diode control switch circuit to allow use with the leisure battery with engine ignition off- which is great when camping. 

I am v grateful to New Dawn Conversions at Wednesbury www.newdawnconversions.co.uk for all their help and enthusiasm in realising this concept. 



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Hopefully this makes the layout clearer……..

1.     Pic showing battery and inverter arrangement . 

2.     Pics showing rear conversion set up.


Seats moved forward





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