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Head Unit Replacement 2023

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Does anyone know if this unit:

12.1 inch Android 13 For Toyota Alphard Vellfire 20 Series 2008-2014 Tesla Style Car DVD Player GPS Navigation Radio Head Unit

will fit an Alphard 2011 which is not a Vellfire?


I am hoping to install a good modern-looking and high-spec functioning unit in my 2011 which is newly arrived with a unit that chats away in Japanese.


If there are any real good unit already on the market here I would love to know about them rather than importing .





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Hi Richard,


We had the same issue, however after a bit of research there are a number of options. We did not want to lose the speakers and all the other items on the standard head unit so we did the following to establish the best route to overcome the current issue.


Firstly I bought a FM transmitter from Halfords it was about £40.00 you plug it into the lighter socket and then tune it into the radio very easy to install then Bluetooth your phone to it and away you go. Works like a treat.


Secondly I then wanted satnav for the UK and Europe as we do a lot of European travel. So a member from the club made reference to a product called a Seven tour P10.

there are a number of videos on Youtube and other devices that do the same sort of thing. The P10 does have a front and read dash cam so that was an extra that is worth taking into account.


We ordered it, it took a couple of weeks but not an issue as it was coming from the USA. I installed it and set up with my phone, so now I have apple Carplay or you can have the Android set up if you like on the same device.


The picture quality is very good, the Video is 4k and again very good you get a 64GB card to record the video onto which is a bonus. the only issue I have found it is will drop connection however this might be to do with the actual phone connection not the device.


I mounted mine on the dash in the center it is very clear easy to use and even gives you warning of oncoming traffic and lane departure warning, its not cheap however you do get a lot for your money.


all the best


cookie crew

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Thanks for the reply Rob.  I'll have a look at your suggestions.  I am glad to hear someone found a route forward.  Its encouraging.


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