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Poor quality LPG


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HI all,

We had an LPG conversion to our Alphard about 4 years ago. All has run well, but recently we had acceleration/deceleration 'stuttering' problems on LPG, which didn't occur when using the vehicle on petrol. Our local LPG guy said this has become common in this region and, from his research, he believed that LPG supplies across Northern England have been contaminated for several months, which appears to relate to a shipment into Immingham docks. LPG supplies to the Midlands and the South do not appear to have been affected - confirmation that it is, in fact, grim up North! (maybe a tad overdramatic - actually, he said that Scotland is also unaffected...)

As it was explained to me, it appears that dirty LPG results in the gas regulator becoming fouled up, the grime being deposited when the liquid LPG turns to gas. In turn this affects the smooth supply of gas to the engine injecters, and stuttering problems. We've had our gas regulator cleaned out and currently trying to tweak the 'trim' levels for the gas-air ratio to regain smooth running.

Anyone else from this region experiencing problems with LPG?

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Hi Steve,

Yes, I spoke to a second fitter who confirmed that LPG in the region has been dirty. The first LPG converter has a large number of taxi drivers as customers, he'd had seen the problem occurring in a range of vehicles, which alerted him to it being a general problem rather than for specific vehicles. The second fitter agreed that local LPG was dirty, but wasn't able to confirm why (see above post). The issue for vehicles running on LPG, as I understand it, is that there's a gradual build-up of grime in the gas regulator, so it takes time before it becomes evident. Also, there's no way of knowing how long this stock will last, so how long it will be supplied to forecourt pumps in the region...  

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I have an Alphard which has a Prins LPG system. Everything was fine until a few months ago when it started to run rough and then cutting out. I contacted my garage who said it was due to poor quality LPG and they’d asked other customers to contact 




to log our concerns. The HSE are investigating and until then I need to run on petrol. Frustrating and costly. People will be filing for compensation. I’m based in the West Midlands.

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