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Does a fixed towbar interfere with sonar/parking sensors?

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Hi there

We're looking to get a towbar fitted to our 2002-08 Alphard (to tow a lightweight teardrop camper) and I can only find fixed options. We'd ideally prefer a detachable one, as it's our main car and I worry we'll be banging our shins on it all the time! And more importantly, I'm worried it will make the sonar sensors go off all the time, so they become unusable.

I would really appreciate any advice/reassurance from other owners on:

1. Is anyone aware of a detachable towbar option for this version of the Alphard?

2. If you have a towbar, does it interfere with the sonar?


Thanks in advance 🙂

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I have a tow bar on a 2003 and it doesn't set the sonar detectors off. The detectors are so insensitive that they can barely detect a wall that is just a few short inches away 🤣

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Sorry, didn't answer all the questions,as far as I know there isn't an Alphard tow bar with a detachable ball hitch,I've had my tow bar for 3years and so far haven't cracked my shins[hope I haven't tempted fate!!].

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We have  Toyota Alphard and would like a tow bar fitted (or can fit one ourselves so we can have a bike rack on ot. Any suggestions please?

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Hi there - I'm only just getting to grips with this myself, but I've booked to have a fixed towbar fitted by a company called The Tow Bar Group - they told me their suppliers don't do a detachable option for this Alphard anymore. (Their list of suppliers is Witter, Westfalia, Tow Trust, PCT, Brink, PF Jones, Oris, in case it helps to short-cut anyone else's search.) I tried a few other places and they either didn't have anything for the Alphard (Towbar Express), or were a bit more expensive (uk-towbars.net).

If you could fit it yourself, you can buy the PCT towbar from Towsure (they won't fit it), and I think it works out cheaper than buying it from PCT directly - but I might be wrong on that.

That's pretty much everything I know... Good luck!

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