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Powered Tailgate Struts, Gen 1 vs Gen 2

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I am doing a comparison of the tailgate struts for a Gen 1 facelifted Alphie and a Gen 2 Alphie both with powered tailgates.


I need the registration of a Gen 2 Alphie with a powered tailgate.


If you can help me with this, please send your registration, or VIN, to me by private message.


Thank you.

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Hi Alex,


Very disappointing.


After all the help I try to provide on this Forum ; I did not receive even one reply.

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1 hour ago, MonsterS said:

Try WD59 SGV


Picasso will do the comparison of the part numbers.

Thank you Alex for the rescue.

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38 minutes ago, Picasso said:

I will call my importer stuart spencer autos to see if he got a reg no. for me with powered tailgate .


Good thinking. Thank you.

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6 hours ago, KCO said:

Struts - 2012 2.4 Vellfire Golden Eyes with power tailgate  - hope this helps

Lower Srut Mount.jpg

Lower Strut View 2.jpg

Upper strut mount Vellfire 2012 2.4L view 2 .jpeg

Upper strut mount Vellfire 2012.jpg


Thank you these photos.


They look identical to the Gen 1 facelift, but could be dimensionally different. I doubt that they are different.


However, it has been established that the strut units themselves are different, even the attachment parts are not.


I await a confirmation and quote from Amayama.

The Amayama parts are OEM assembly and a much more sensible cost, unsurprisingly, than the Toyota Direct ones.


It may be the hinges, or the motor, that are causing the 'juddering'..


Like many owners, the issue annoys me, but does not actually need attention.

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