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Petrol tank capacity issue

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I have a 2010 2.4 Vellfire and ever since I've had it, I can only fill the petrol tank up to just over 3/4 on the gauge before the pump clicks off. The most I've ever managed to put in is 43 litres when I'd done quite a few miles with the petrol warning light on. Given the tank is supposed to be 65 litres, that seems a bit low. Fuel consumption seems OK, I can get 33mpg on a long run. All I can think of is there is some kind of air lock in the tank or the warning light comes on too early, or both. Has anyone seen this before and/or does anyone know what the problem might be?



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Its hard to know if it's by design or just bad calibration of the gauge.


I know that a certain quantity of fuel is required in reserve in order to keep the pump in the tank cooled and lubricated, but 10ltr+ seems excessive. 

Using a tool like Torque, i can see via the obd² that the fuel tank level is reported, and when i get down to around 10miles capacity, the value does float about during cornering.


I wonder if driving until cut out occurs will recalibrate the reading, although that does carry some risk of overheating the pump.


Also to bear in mind, you shouldn't force more fuel in after the pulp starts clicking at the fuelling station, as you can damage the carbon canister in the evap system



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I think it might be best for me to leave it at the moment as it's not a big problem, just an inconvenience sometimes but I don't do that many miles. If I get some spare time, I might investigate Torque or similar, that looks interesting. Thanks again.

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