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Hi all. Just dropping in to say hi. Great site.

I've had an mz for 4 years so have made a lot of videos on my repairs.

Feel free to subscribe and watch the videos as they are uploaded.



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Hi Ldrego,


I have watched many of your Alphard / Vellfire videos (Cuttothechase), and promoted them on here in this Forum


Do you have separate rear fog lights and reflectors ?


There is an ongoing debate that many Alphards, on importation, have had their rear reflectors replaced with fog lights that are not reflective.

Hence owners are now without rear reflectors, an MOT reuirement.


I was wondering if you have had this problem and how you overcame it.

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On 6/26/2022 at 1:57 PM, MonsterS said:

Rear reflectors are not an mot requirement but fog light is

Hi MonsterS,


4.8.1. Presence, condition and operation

You must inspect the 2 mandatory red rear reflectors that must be fitted.

Rear reflectors are not required on vehicles not fitted with front and rear position lamps, or have such lamps permanently disconnected, painted over or masked that are:

  • only used during daylight hours, and
  • not used at times of seriously reduced visibility

Reflective tape is not an acceptable substitute for a rear reflector.

Defect Category
(a) Reflector defective or damaged:

(i) by up to 50% of the reflecting surface
(ii) by more than 50% of the reflecting surface

(b) Reflector:

(i) not securely attached
(ii) likely to become detached




I 'lifted' this directly from DVLA just now.

My interpretation is that they are required.

Are you able to clarify the position lamp clause please ?

I believe it means tail lights.


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17 minutes ago, MonsterS said:

Reflectors are only needed if the rear lights do not have reflectors built in.


OK Thanks.


I need to test mine, I never have !


I believe my main reflectors were removed to fit rear fog lights (which are not reflective.


I need to test the main light clusters for reflectivity.

I hope they are, as it has been a worry for me.

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In my car I believe the rear lights that come on with the dipped beam have been set up to run brighter when the fog light switch is flipped.  Also the fog light switch will only work when the dipped beams are turned on (no power to it otherwise).  I'm not sure if the bulbs are dual filament, of if it just hits them with a higher wattage.  Quite a neat solution anyway.

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