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  1. Hi Alan. According to the Vellfire 2008-2015 Owner's Manual, it is an accessory case or compartment. I stuff a box of latex gloves and a packet of cleaning wipes in there.
  2. I purchased my Vellfire last August. Seated to the left on the floor, drivers side, is this little device with a lead trailing from it towards under the dash. My guess is some sort of Japanese charger, but not sure.
  3. Hi Chris So which link from what you shared has the boot LED bulb? All my interior lights have the bright white LED lights installed apart from the boot which needs updating. Cheers Les
  4. Sure, here they are: Left Side Assembly rear Passenger Seat - 72058A Screws (x2) 90167-40044 Right Side Assembly rear Passenger Seat - 72057 Screws (x2) 90167-40044 Please bear in mind this is specific to my vehicle's trim and colour codes which is a 1st generation, 2009 Vellfire, with beige leather seats. Best suggestion is to go onto the Amayama website and click on: "Genuine Online Car Parts Catalogue" and select: "Toyota" from the list. Enter your vehicle's VIN/Frame number in the box. Then from the Part's Group select: "Body & Interior" then select: "Seat and Seat Track" then from there you can see the exploded diagram parts and parts numbers.
  5. I have also used Amayama to source a Lever Sub-Assy, Rear Seat Lock Control, LH & RH, to enable the rear captain seats to slide inwards. Annoyingly, I only ordered 1 set screw for each seat instead of 2. Will have to source the additional screws locally. Was really impressed with the great packaging!
  6. Absolutely no harm in being helpful. I appreciate the concern. Rest assured JDM Plates are both professional and thoughtful. They even include a wallet friendly Declaration of Legality card with your import plates order, should you be questioned about your small number plates!
  7. Zoom in, the details are present: JDMPlates NR318HU BSAU 145e
  8. Following The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) (Amendment) Regulations 2002 legislation, it has since been legal to use smaller, imported number plates which includes smaller letter and plate sizes on vehicles considered imported where their point of sale was not in any UK market; has no any European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval and the vehicle’s recess where the number plate would be mounted on is too small for any BSAU145e number plate, and cannot comply with any IFN104 guidance
  9. 4D Gel Number Plates by JDM Plates.
  10. You can get yourself a HUD. Plug in directly to the OBD2 port or via GPS. Displays driving data on the front windshield such as speed in mph,RPM,water temperature,voltage single mileage,compass etc.
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