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Japanese Imports - UK standards

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Hi Folks

My long awaited Alphard imported from Japan has finally arrived and is currently in garage being prepared for UK readiness. A couple of things I need to check out:

* Does the van require underseal / wax & oiling to protect the underneath from sea salt rusting? Garage are quoting me £385 for both to be done

* All of the Infotainment on screen are in Japanese - need to use Google Translate on phone to understand how it works - is there a UK conversion kit I can get installed - my Alphard is Hybrid so not sure if this has any bearing on this.


Many thanks, Chris

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Thanks for response Alex, so underseal is a must but is wax& oil advisable? I've been using Hallen Imports for the work - are they reliable /  more expensive? Is their an alternative near Bristol you would recommend?  Also I've been told that if I put a new infotainment system [radio / sat-nav etc] that this may not work with the hybrid system [as current Japanese system shows indicators for electric & fuel etc].


Thanks, Chris 

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Hello everybody,


Please to meet you all.


You may want to consider a phosphor coating as it not only stops the oxidization process, in some of the better quality products reversing the process to a certain extent. also acts as to encapsulate to prevent further oxidization.


Your choice is always the best and right one at the time.


All the Toyota components for jdm have an usdm or uaedm equivalent listed in ETKA

with the entertainment systems the hybrids units list multi language options.

depending on your manufactured year you may be looking for.


Manufacturer Part Number:


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