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Japanese to English 2007 Alphard


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Not had mine done yet, but mean to get it done over the next few weeks. Full touch screen, bluetooth, google maps, etc without losing any original vehicle features.... cameras, hard drive, theatre surround blah blah. I believe it functions through the video port on the head unit. With a little software box canbus unit. Only trouble for me is the 4 hour drive to Birmingham! They do sell a DIY version that you fit yourself but touch screen doesn't work, you get a wired joystick controller..... £230 I think, personally I want the touch screen mod.

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On 8/13/2022 at 4:57 PM, Aims said:

Hi my Dad has just got a 2010 Alphard Velfire L package. Can an English display be bought for this? I might also be getting a 2006 Alphard as well




Welcome to the Forum.


The units fitted to 2006 models are not changeable to English.


The head units themselves are.

Proceed with care. Some installations are quite easy, others are not !



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6 hours ago, Yuma Ama said:

Hi, can I change the language of my Toyota Alphard 2005 to English from Japanese?


Hello Yuma,


Welcome to the Forum.


As MonsterS says, in this thread, you can't.

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