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Android Radios to fit Alphard 2003

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Anyone know of android radios that fit the alphard and does not require me to cut cables etc? 

Must haves:

GPS, USB, Steering Wheel Control, Rear Camera, Radio, DVD Player.

Nice to have Hard drive support either USB or extra.


I Cannot find any that do not require me to cut wires 😢 


I had a van catch fire and they blamed the wiring, ( I didn't install it but did repair the Ariel .)  We had an estima before this and i soldered and shrink wrapped all the wires to an iso loom.

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Xtrons are a popular kit with Alphards. Also Pioneer. You can get looms from Halfords. If you have a theatre system then a Beat-Sonic kit

Beat-Sonic full kit is the following
SLX-130 - Main adapter
CS3EP - Front and Rear camera adapter
BC12 - Reverse camera loom
BC1 - Reverse camera adapter
AVC-1 - Rear screen adapter/connector

Not the cheapest, but will restore cameras too.

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Hi Guys,

I realise that this is an old thread, however this is the model I have just put into my Gen 1 Alphard


Fits like a dream with no additional surrounds, has wi-fi and sat nav


Also has front and rear camera outlets


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Evening Alex,

I seem to remember that it went straight in, as the unit was sold as Toyota compatible,  Fitted it last year so brain is a little foggy - its my age


I will see if I can dig out the manual and post a copy of the wiring diagram  tomorrow


I will have a look at the doors over the weekend if its dry

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