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Leisure battery, 240V, Tyres etc..

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Hi, I picked up my 2006 Alphard G spec 2 months ago and am planning a few adaptions and would love your advice.

- I’m looking for an auto-electrician in the Epsom, Surrey area preferably mobile. Can anyone recommend?

- I was planning to put a leisure battery in, a friend has put one under the passenger seat. Any other suggestions?

- on the G spec there is a 100V circuit, I’d love to get that changed to a 240V probably with a kettle lead connector so I can run regular 240V appliances. Has anyone done this?

- replacing the Alphard head unit, the facebook company ‘Alphard shop’ does a replacement with apple play for £350. Has anyone any experience of them?

- the Alphard came with a set of 16 inch wheels with snow tyres and 17 inch with worn out tyres. I was thinking of getting low rolling resistance van tyres. Any thoughts?

- I was thinking of adding curtains, does anyone have experience?

many thanks


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You wrote: "I was planning to put a leisure battery in, a friend has put one under the passenger seat. Any other suggestions?"

I built a box which I placed behind rear seats. The inverter sits underneath the seat. No idea where the original japanese inverter sits, but even if you could replace the original inverter, the cables for 100v might also need to be exchanged for the 220v. My inverter has two three pin plugs as outlets, so I just use an extension lead for easier access, Thats why I didn't place my inverter in the engine room, or underneath somewhere.


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