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Roof video screen

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I have recently brought an 2004 Alphard V5. I have in the upper glove compartment a Toyota DVD player. Is this player supposed to be connected to the roof drop down screen, and if so, How do I turn the screen on? Is there supposed to be a remote control for the unit?

I am putting a replacement head unit in  as the one that came with the car did not have navigation. I notice that the head cables have a key and key2 wires. Are these meant to be for the steering wheel controls?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Roof should come on with factory head unit when stationary. (yes there is a remote)

The key and key 2 are for steering wheel controls if i remember correctly.


Changing the headunit will disable functions such as lane control, etc. make sure you get one that supports a secondary output screen if you want to keep the dropdown unit.

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