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Buying a new radio

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Hiya has anyone found a radio that I can replace the origional one with that actually fits in the space ? I am running the origional one with a band width expander but it's pretty useless. I have a 2008 Alphard V

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8 hours ago, New Girl said:

Thank you for that Are they reasonably easy to remove ?

Easy to remove - Ebay has videos. I have messed with electronics for 50 years and I didn't find installing the new one too easy. I installed this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002717835170.html?spm=a2g0o.order_detail.order_detail_item.7.541ef19cnMpIP7 

Radio, music player, gps, emails, phone interface - everything you could ever need. In actual fact it's an android touch screen tablet. You might find there is a straight radio replacement if that's all you want.

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It depends on what you want the new one to do, alot of people seem to be going for android units but I have seen on other forums that the cheap ones tend to go wrong. I fitted a Pioneer AVIC-Z620BT it does everything I need it to do, i.e. sat nav, bluetooth, mirroring, 2 camera inputs, only had to get a loom for the steering wheel controls and new cameras for the front & rear, the oem are 6volt.

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