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Tein suspension

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Hello everyone. I’ve been looking at base vehicles to eventually have converted into a camper. I’ve seen a really nice one, but it has ‘Tein’ aftermarket suspension which means it’s been lowered. 
Would a lowered vehicle be unsuitable to convert? I’m thinking of speed bumps, hills etc

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I would not buy a Alphard with lowered suspension, because the ride quality of these vehicles as standard is superb and one of the many reasons i bought one in the first place.  

Also as you say ,potholes, speed humps and with a camper conversion with the extra weight it would not be great.  Lowered vehicles look great if you just want to show but thats all.   Dont forget you would have to inform the insurers.

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Thanks Kendo.

Ive contacted the dealer and he’s said that the suspension can be put back to its original level.

Would I still need to declare it to the insurance if I had the original suspension reinstated?

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No it's non standard parts. such as lowered suspension, engine bored out, non factory type exhaust i.e. bigger outlet or flames coming from exhaust.

Different sized wheels than when it came out of the factory. so 19" instead of 17"

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