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Replacement battery for 3ltr MZ 2008


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Hell everyone, just putting the vehicle's winter cover on, and won't use her now until February, but I realise I need a new battery come Spring!


What have people used over here as a replacement battery, I'm not having much luck so far, and two companies I've phoned have absolutely no clue how to suggest one, batteryboys is one of them. It had an AC Delco PG80D23L when it came in last month but I can't seem to nail the replacement battery over here, and a couple I thought should work said not a good fit for the vehicle on their websites. 


I'm relying on you guys to get me going in March!!

Thanks for any thoughts or comments about what you've selected.



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Further to above the only ones I seem to favour are:


YASA YBX3005    and the Enduroline 75Ah


But of course I'm being swayed by the fact that the size of battery in there is very close to a 069 spec, and that AC Delco must've been a replacement at some stage.


Your thoughts, and choices, would be most welcomed.



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Thanks everyone, especially MonsterS. 


I took your advice and phoned Tayna, the girl could not have been more helpful, and she sorted it within minutes, even down to the battery terminals as it had been replaced at some stage in Japan with a Canadian/ US battery. I would suggest if you have any concerns about which battery to buy then phone Tayna and spell out your needs. The replacement was pretty cheap, about £65 and was delivered next day, up and running within minutes and it hasn't let me down yet.

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