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Replacing rear arm bushes 2007 AN10 2.4


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I've been told my Alpahrd will fail its next MOT as these are now in a bad way.

The garage is saying its a big job as axle needs to come out. 
They mentioned powerflex poly bushes which offer a version thats easy to fit but I dont see how i can find an Alphard version of these

Anyways any ideas on how to ensure I buy good quality set of rear arm bushes? (not fake or poor quality bushes as don't want to waste money on labour) 
also ideas on how much (variable I know) this should cost in labour to get done?

Have done a search on the forums already, 



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Get the app on your phone/tablet auto doc. 


This will give you genuine parts and the better qaulity parts needed.  Yes the axle has to come off but they can actually use jacks to support it and a mobile press to push the new ones in.

It is a tough job but does not take that long if done correctly.

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