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Hi peeps,

New owner just purchased a 2007 3 litre V6 Alphad V in White......damn she's pretty! Love the electric rising and closing boot.

I was looking at buying one from Jalimports in Worcester but they are so rude and unhelpful (anyone else had dealings with them) saw many online reviews echoing this. Thankfully I found the one I wanted from a company called lakeside imports near Baisingstoke (again has anyone else used these guys?)

I guess you guys have all heard these questions before but I shall ask all the same....

1: how do we shut up that annoying voice? (Nothing racist just really annoying ha)

2: can I change the screen language to English?

3: why are the key fobs so worn on these Alphards? Garage said that's normal for them. How can I programme  a new one?

4: I paid £9995 for it 67000 miles (did I over pay or is this about right? Grade 4 very clean.

5: how can I turn off the child safety lock. Every time I turn the engine off and want to open the side doors from the front I keep having to lean back and unlock the soding things.

6: lane detection system doesn't do anything? Is it broke or does it need setting up? (Not that i would ever need it but curious)

7: electric folding mirrors why dont these close when i lock the vehicle? They work when I'm inside and press the bottom but I would presume they should close when locking?

8: HDD....how can I access this and delete the files (really annoying music)

9: Bluetooth?

10: Sorry about all the questions! 

Thank you,

Yusuf 🙂




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1: Which head unit do you have?

2: If its the default head unit then no. :( you'll have to get an aftermarket headunit. Xtrons are great and pumpkin.

3: Buy a key from here: EBAY KEY then have it cut at a timpsons and change the guts over :)

4: It is a little high but what have you got inside? We paid £7k for the same mileage but it's got the standard interior etc on our v6.

5: There should be a catch on the sliding door to turn the child locks off. (inside between the main frame and door jam).

6: lane detection only starts working once you hit 50mph and above. (it's really really annoying).

7: These are standard button push mirrors, these models never had auto fold mirrors.

8: You can't as far as i know. The only way to is to remove the hard drive and wipe on a computer.

9: Maybe pending on your head unit.

10: Don't be sorry we were all the in the same place you were.

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Thanks for the reply greatly appreciated and the info 🙂 so I downloaded a translater app which you hover over words and shows you the English on your phone screen....worked a treat sorted my Bluetooth, deleted all the Japanese albums saved onto the HDD, added my own music onto the HDD.

So my Alphard is the 2007 V series 3.0 V6 with electric moon roof and electric rear hatch (I've been told it's one of the rarer ones). Inside is pretty awesome, middle row of seats do 360 back seats can come off and to the side (guessing all Alphards have this feature) automatic gear box, really nice black dashboard. Electronic power side doors work off the key and botton inside also the boot opens from the key. Door automatically unlock if I touch the door handle as long as the keys are in my pocket, also have remote engine start. 

Having an LPG conversion end of the month and new timing belt,water pump and brakes down as well as a service next week. Also want to polish up the headlights looking a bit yellow.





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