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Intermittant 'Shudder'

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Yesterday I experienced an intermittant shudder while driving at constant speed, symptoms were:


- was doing constrant speed on level road

- car appeared to shudder like trying to change gear however only briefly happened

- no warning lights came on 

- done ~95K miles


- Anyone experienced similar

- is it worth changing gearbox oil


thanks in advance


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Hi Gavins,


Worth changing gearbox fluid. is the shudder constant still? When was the last wheel alignment done?

I had a shudder caused by the tie end rods once they were replaced it stopped.

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Gavins, my shuddering issue was caused by a extremely dirty MAF sensor.  problem prevalent especially in hilly situations.  CEL would turn on most times though.   I thought it might have been a bad CVT, and did a drain and fill of the fluid. ANSEL JP700 code reader gave fuel system related warning (i have a long post on this forum).


replaced MAF and issue went away.

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