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I usually use Camskill for tyres. At a quick glance the winter tyres i'm looking at are about £10 a corner cheaper than Tyreleader, but may not have the same selection unfortunately.

I think it's a bit of hit and miss asking for tyre recommendations as everyone wants different things from a tyre and unless you're paying top dollar (eg Michelin PS2) there will be a trade off in one area or another.

My commuting car, i swear by Uniroyal Rainsport 3 as their damp/wet grip performance is great (Up here in the NE of Scotland it's like that 75% of the time) - trade off is, they wear a bit faster and not awe inspiring in the dry - to put that into context though, that would be high speed hard braking on B roads.

I put Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta's on the Subaru after a friend with an RS6 recommended them - one of the best tyres i used, but now discontinued - i think the Ultrac Satins are similar, i'll probably give them a try when i need a change.


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I am using Hankook Ventus Primes. When i purcahsed my Alphard it still had the jap tyres on and they were dreadful in the wet. Bing front wheel drive they were useless.

I bought Hankooks all round and have been very happpy. The grip now is fantastic. I purchased these as they had a good wet rating too.

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Mine came with Bridgestone Playz Japanese Market tires, and TBH i was thinking the worst when i saw them, as i've had to change the tires immediately on imports in the past, but they have been great in all conditions so far.

Just organised to get a set of the new Vredestein Wintrac Pro's on next week. The Subaru was great with the Wintrac Extreme S on them, so hopefully these new updated ones should be great!

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