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Decided to tackle the annoying misty lights on the vellfire.


Starting with the rear side units, the top of the unit is easy to sort, remove the indicator bulb then blow warm air in, the bottom half though appears to be a sealed led unit, I can't see a vent/drain and no way to open it up. I have been warming the outside which is working (slowly) to evaporate the moisture inside but this seems like it's going to come back unless there is somewhere for it to go....anyone sorted out similar?


For the fronts, I'm assuming I can pull a cover off the back and let them air out?Mercs suffer the same issue and removal of the cover for a few days and some warm air usually sorts them....same here?

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Answered my own questions, fronts have a big cap, removed that and the main beam bulbs at the top of the lights then fired a hair dryer in the big hole, few mins each side and all dry. I shall leave the caps off for now.


Rears, couldn't find anything on line at all, so tapped a couple of 5mm holes in the bottom lights (brake and running lights) and heated from the outside, all clear now. I have some grommets I could put in the holes, but for now il leave them open to breath.

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3 hours ago, Quimbasher said:

in the past i have had to tape a silca sachet to the inside of the rear cover to absorb any moisture

On a vellfire? How did you get in the unit they appear sealed on the bottom half

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