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Bulb List for Gen 1 and Gen 2

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Bulb List for Gen 1

Dashboard/console led/bulb = t4.7 for the backlight of the clock etc and t3.5 for the buttons

Buttons either side of steering wheel = T3

Headlights - Halogen Headlights = H4 60/55W

Discharge Headlights

 - High Beam = HB3 60W

- Low Beam = Not fitted with intelligent AFS = D2R 35W

                         Fitted with AFS = D2S 35W

Front Fog Light = HB4 51W

 -mz * mx * ax = 55W

 - MS * AS = 35w


Clearance Lights = W5W 5W

Front Indicator/Hazard Lights = 1W

Side indicator/hazard = W5 12V

Number Plate = W5W 93R 

Brake Lights = 21W

Tail Light = 2DIW SW7443 21w

 Rear Indicators = 2FH 21W

Reverse Light = W6W 21W

Rear Fog Light = 21W optional change to the reflectors HERE

Front Personal Light = 8W

Rear Personal Light = 5W

Vanity Light = 1.5W

Front Door Courtesy Light = 3.8W

Foot Area (not present cant tell you) =

Luggage room light = 5W

Ashtray = 1.2W

High mount stop light =W16W 16W


Bulb List for Gen 2.


If you have a Gen 2 please message me and I will update the list.  If i'm missing any them let me know too. Thank you

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