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Anyone know why these Alphards end up at auction for sale in Japan

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So I'm curious does anyone know why their are so many Alphards for sale at auction in Japan?

Normally in the UK auction cars are either cars repossessed or stolen/recovered but owners not traced etc (I know you can also just buy second hand cars from auction too, normally cheaper) 

I brought my 2007 Alphard last week and was wondering it's history, found a small cube of glass under the carpet from what I suspect is the windscreen due to black silicon on the edge.

I asked the garage I purchased it from he fobbed me off saying oh it can be anything maybe the last owner had a glass item in the car which broke lol (unlikely story)

Got me thinking maybe it was in a crash or stolen and taken to auction, it was a grade 4 and I have the Jap auction sheet as proof. But does anyone know how the jap auctions work and why these cars are sold their?



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Mostly because of the 'Shaken' - Japanese version of the MOT. When purchased new, the car is given a 3 year certificate, after which a test has to be  renewed every 2 years i think at a cost of approx £1000. As the regulations are as strict, a lot of people offload their cars for a new one after this time, also, the manufacturers generally face-lift the cars pretty regular to make new car sales more attractive and in doing this along with some other factors causes massive depreciation.

TBH, as long as you did your homework and bought from a reputable dealer/importer over here i wouldn't be too worried. That glass could easily have been on the bottom of someones shoe. Usually when the car's inspected, it should mention if panels have been replaced/repainted etc - Should be highlighted on the sheet as 'XX', see: http://www.jdmauctionwatch.com/auction-sheets/


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Thank you so much for that link really good information. I got mine from lakeside imports near Baisingstoke. Just downloaded a Google translate app which is handy because you can hover the phone screen over the Japanese words and it automatically translates on the phone screen, made using the media player far easier. Having an LPG conversion done end of the month as currently the beast is a gozzler!

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If it hasn't been done already, i would also get it undersealed. I don't think the Japanese cars seem to have the same level of protection as cars supplied here in the UK. I've had my previous 2 x cars done with Dinitrol, but decided to try Bilt Hamber this time. The guys at the body shop are going to start using it, as they said it was a lot better to work with. I used the clear wax as well as the chassis rail cavity wax, so you can keep an eye out on anything untowards underneath the car.

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Yes underseal is a must.


Then go for a full service. (and change your brake lines). The reason being is that in Japan it's very humid and they come over here and start to wear really quickly. Speak to Ben Alphard on the forum and he will get you sorted. 

Things to change replace once you get it.

  1. underseal
  2. brake lines (braided)
  3. Cam Belt
  4. water pump
  5. filters 
  6. Oil + Plugs
  7. Rad Coolant

I know it sounds alot but any garage can do it easily. If you've gone for a v6 its the same engine as a Lexus RS300. :) really really easy to work on (except the spark plugs at the back).

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Thanks for the info guys 🙂 yes I have the 3.0 v6 daaamn she can move also the fuel gauge moves just as quick 😕

I have just purchased new timing belt, water pump and brakes pads as well as service kit which included filters and plugs. Going into the garage next week hoping it's not going to cost a fortune especially with changing the belt. Will buy some braided brake lines asap. (Any recommendation or links) I got my parts from Jap Auto spares website based in Coventry.

I'm going to get it undersealed too asap also contemplating a full candy white wrap on the car but was quoted over £3k so we shall see. We are relocating to Guernsey end of the year so don't want to spend a fortune on it just yet, (I think my Alphard will probably be the first one in Guernsey I should imagine) very small island.


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Sure speak to this guy. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=538931818&ref=br_rs

He can source all parts for the alphard.


Changing the belt is a doddle for the garage tell them its the same engine as the Lexus rs300 and they will know what to do. :) The struggle may be the bolts holding the water pump in as they can snap off easy.

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